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Synergy Energy Solutions Is One Of Zimbabwe's Fastest-Growing Energy Solutions Companies. Our Goal Is To Provide Affordable Energy, and Simple, Smart Ways to Manage Their Energy Usage.

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Synergy Energy Solutions Is One Of Zimbabwe's Fastest-Growing Energy Solutions Companies. Our Goal Is To Provide Affordable Energy, and Simple, Smart Ways to Manage Their Energy Usage.

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Synergy Energy Solutions Is One Of Zimbabwe's Fastest-Growing Energy Solutions Companies. Our Goal Is To Provide Affordable Energy, and Simple, Smart Ways to Manage Their Energy Usage.

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Synergy Energy Solutions Is One Of Zimbabwe's Fastest-Growing Energy Solutions Companies. Our Goal Is To Provide Affordable Energy, and Simple, Smart Ways to Manage Their Energy Usage.

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Synergy Energy Solutions Is One Of Zimbabwe's Fastest-Growing Energy Solutions Companies. Our Goal Is To Provide Affordable Energy, and Simple, Smart Ways to Manage Their Energy Usage.

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Monday, March 9, 2020

Unless there’s a large crack glaring back at you, you may not feel the need to contact a professional windshield repair service.

Windshields protect us from elements of nature; debris, strong wind and large rocks—that is, until they’re damaged.

There are many factors that may be stopping you from . If it’s one of these myths, save your car and life from serious consequences by learning the truth.


If you believe that you have you take a day (or days off) from work to get your windshield repaired, you’re fortunately mistaken.

Most auto glass repair companies will bend over backwards to accommodate you since it’s very easy to lose a client by being inflexible.

They usually offer to pick your vehicle at a time or place of your choice, so you don’t have to change your schedule to make room for them. Be it your office or the site of accident, they’ll be there.
Check The 4 Windscreen Repair Myths You Should Never Believe!
Check The 4 Windscreen Repair Myths You Should Never Believe!

Don’t delay the repairs for fear of taking a day off from work.


While theoretically it’s true that added expenses like windshield repairs can lead to a hike in insurance rates, in reality, it’s a myth.

It’s in the best interest of insurance companies to keep their rates within an affordable range; otherwise they’ll lose their customers to competitors.

Cost-wise, losing a customer puts a greater financial strain on insurance companies than covering relatively minor expenses like windshield repairs.


Like every other industry, automotive repair and maintenance is a booming trade. This means that the competition to reach the top is tough and only the best players get there.

Needless to say, years of experience and expertise in the installation and repair processes affect the quality of service offered by each company.

It’s at best a misinformed guess to assume that every company is the same. Make sure to choose only the best if you need auto glass repair services.

This is by far the most common and most dangerous practice among car owners. If you’ve spotted a crack at the far corner of your windshield, get it repaired at your earliest.

Waiting for the damage to become large enough to need repair is an irresponsible approach.

Cracks weaken the glass and the smallest chips can cause the entire windshield to shatter in a matter of minutes. Don’t put your and your passenger’s lives at risk and get it repaired right away.

If you’re looking for a reliable auto glass repair service in Edmonton, we can take care of all your needs.

Close your eyes and picture every safety feature your vehicle has. Did its windshield pop into your head? Chance are, probably not.

It’s no surprise, really. Most commercials and advertisements aren’t interested in focusing on a piece of glass when there are engines, fuel efficiency and sleek interior features to talk about.

That’s where we step in. Your vehicle’s auto glass is there for a reason—an important reason. And that is to keep you safe. So what is it about your vehicle’s glass that makes it different than, let’s say, the glass you drink your water out of?

Auto glass performs differently.

Unlike the windows in your home, which shatter into larger pieces when broken, the glass surrounding your vehicle is much more susceptible to external forces, including rocks, accidents and shrapnel from larger vehicles passing by on the highway. To increase protection and prevent injury from impact to the windows, auto glass has two types of safety glass:
Auto Glass: What It Is and Why It Matters TIPS - Solana Autoglass!

Laminated glass is used for the front windshield and is manufactured from a layer of polyvinyl butral (PVB) inserted between two layers of glass. After a heating and rolling process, the PBV becomes chemically and mechanically bonded to the glass on each side of it.

If your windshield should be hit from a collision or flying object, the PVB layer will stay intact, preventing the laminated glass to shatter. Instead your windshield will chip or crack.

Laminated glass:

Prevents you and your passengers from being thrown through the window in an accident.
Helps deploy the airbag(s) properly.

Tempered glass is used for the side and back widows. The glass goes through a heating and rapid cooling process that fortifies its outer and core surface. The manipulation of pressures between the contracted exterior surfaces and slower cooling centre create tension, which is what gives tempered glass its strength.

Tempered glass:

Is 5 to 10 times stronger than non-tempered glass
Protects the side and back windows of your vehicle from the wear and tear of external factors while driving.

When should you get your windshield checked?

If it has a chip or crack, get it looked at.

Crystal Glass has certified auto glass technicians who put your safety first. We’ve been taking care of auto glass repair for over 65 years, and ensure every repair and installation is done properly. From chips and cracks, windshield replacements and everything in between, we can fix your auto glass and make it like new again. More importantly – safe for you to drive.

Remember, your auto glass is there to protect you. Let us make sure it does.
Monday, January 13, 2020

For working models who have reached a point where they are being booked for shows and photo shoots on a regular basis, it's a good idea to start thinking about creating a routine that fits with working as a model.

The first and foremost thing to think about is your health. Working models are obliged to take care of their looks more than many other professions would require to, and for that reason, it's important to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
Working Models - Tips For Aspiring and Working Models
But no matter how good models seem to look while they are working, they too often face the same skin problems, insecurities and stress from life as the rest of us.

It's very important to take care of yourself as a working model, especially if you are working long hours and don't have enough time for yourself. By looking after yourself as part of your regular daily life, you will remain to look and feeling much healthier than you would otherwise.

Diet: Eat well and try to make sure you have a balanced diet. Models' working hours tend to be long and tiring, with hours spent standing and posing. For that reason, it's particularly important to make sure that you eat nutritiously at regular intervals. You should also always keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

Exercise: While working models tend to be under quite a lot of pressure in terms of what's expected of their model appearance, it's a known fact that not many models have the time or the desire to do enough exercise. Lack of exercise and long days can easily equate to a deteriorated state of health. So take the time from your daily work to do at least a little bit of exercise to stay healthy and strong.

Balanced lifestyle: The long hours required from working models can easily make life feel more stressful than it actually is. You should try to balance your model work and other things in your life in a sensible way. Especially new models might take on more work than they can handle in order to get exposure, and while it may be beneficial for their careers, it might not be as beneficial to their minds or bodies. 

So take the time to create a system in your life that allows you to combine your work as a model with everything else in your life in the best possible way.
Wednesday, November 14, 2018

How To Clean A Car Windscreen

Zimbabwe Windshields


Car windscreen cleaning is a simple car-care task that will keep your windscreen clear – providing good visibility on the roads. 

For just 30 minutes of your time, it’s easy to achieve a crystal clear windscreen without breaking the bank or impacting too much on your valuable time.

Follow these eight simple steps to cleaning windscreens, so you can drive safely with a clear view of the road ahead.
How To Clean A Car Windscreen

1. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe the windscreen interior and remove dust particle build-up, which can impact your vision of the road.

2. Next, spray the interior of the glass with a windscreen cleaning product – which you will find at any local auto store or supermarket.

3. Use the clean side of the microfiber cloth, or a new cloth entirely, to wipe the windscreen around the edges.

4. Once the edges have been cleaned, spray the area again and proceed to wipe the remainder of the windscreen.

5. To make it shine and streak free, take a clean cloth and wipe over all the internal windscreen glass.

6. For the external glass, give the windscreen a quick wipe over and spray the windscreen with the windscreen cleaning product.

7. Hose down the windscreen from top to bottom with clean water to completely remove all dirt and build up.

8. Finally, use a dry lint-free cloth to dry the windscreen completely.

Tip: You may need to tackle each side of the external windscreen separately to prevent natural drying.

Hint: A little white vinegar on the clean cloth work wonders and will ensure a streak-free shine.

If you notice a chip and don’t’ get it repaired, it can make it more difficult and costly to repair in the long term.

Four easy tips to keep your windscreen free from damage:

1. Check your windscreen: Every time you clean your car get into the habit of checking your windscreen – both inside and out. If you do spot any damage, get it checked out by one of our qualified technicians. Getting chips and cracks looked at early can often save you time and money!

2. Check your windscreen wipers:
Make sure your wipers are in good condition - they should be soft and flexible. If they are damaged, consider replacing them so that they don’t cause any damage to your windscreen.
Windscreen Maintenance Tips with Solana AutoGlass

3. Clean your windscreen and check washer water levels: Debris and dirt cause damage not only to your windscreen but also your wipers. Regularly clean your windscreen inside and out by following our windscreen cleaning tips. These will help keep your windscreen scratch free!

At the same time, check your washer water levels. Always have water to keep your windscreen clean, this can prevent damage and ensures you have good visibility on the roads.

4. Call the experts:
Windscreens are an important part of the structural integrity of your car so never attempt to repair your own windscreen. Our qualified technicians are fully trained in windscreen repairs and replacements.

If you do spot any damage call us 24/7 on +263 77 509 8804. We can arrange for a qualified technician to come to you to assess the damage.
Windshields are not just for looks – they are specifically designed protect us from the elements outside and save our life in case of an accident.

In times of major impact, windshields prevent the roof from caving in on the passengers inside the car and keep front passengers from flying out.

Despite their important role, they are one of those items people rarely think about unless they malfunction. Subconsciously, we expect them to always do their job and forget that windshields, like everything else, need proper maintenance to stay in good working order. So we, as an auto glass shop that prides itself on keeping our customers informed, decided to give you 5 essential tips for windshield care.

AVOID SLAMMING YOUR DOORS: Slamming your car door causes severe vibrations inside your car which, over time, cause the side windshields to come off their track. You should especially avoid this if you have small chips that you haven’t fixed because they will spread, little by little, every time you slam your door.

DON’T PARK IN DIRECT SUNLIGHT IF POSSIBLE: Houston is one of the hottest cities in the United States so this tip really applies to us! Try to park in shaded areas whenever you can. Long exposure to direct sunlight will shorten the lifespan of your windshield. UV rays damage the tint and structural integrity of windows over time. Little chips also worsen when there is a temperature difference between the inside and outside of your car.
So park in a garage when you can or find a spot that is under a tree.

You’re driving, minding your own business, and all of a sudden – DING! A pebble flies us from the wheel of a truck and hits your window. It happens so quick and before you have time to process what just happened, there’s a small chip in your once pristine front windshield.

Don’t wait. Half the population, from costly experience, know to immediately get the chip repaired that very day. For a small charge (many insurance companies pay for this as long as you have no deductible) the small chip can be filled with a special resin that will prevent it from spreading. The bad news is that most chips can’t be totally removed from your window but the damage can be contained and minimized.

However, the other half either don’t know or haven’t learned their lesson yet, and we see this time and time again. They will procrastinate and that tiny chip will MORPH into a giant crack that spans across the entire windshield. It’s so unsightly to see a nice car with a huge crack in the windshield! So at this point these people will get the problem fixed when a) they get stopped by the cops for an unrelated infraction, like speeding, and the cop notices the crack or b) when they finally can’t stand looking at it any longer though they’ve tried to ignore it for several months by now.
You could have paid $20-$30 for a small repair but at this point you are going to shell out $150-$250 depending on your vehicle. We hope you call us at this point, however, we really want people to save money wherever they can, and these types of unplanned bills tend to hit some people who are barely making it really hard.

CLEAN & REPLACE YOUR WIPERS: Do you see scratches on your front windshield? They probably came from dirt and sand particles that have become embedded in your wipers. Your front and rear wipers need to be checked, cleaned and replaced (as needed) every three months. You can use a rag with windshield washer fluid to remove any contaminants from your wipers. This will literally take you less than 3 minutes and you can do it while you’re pumping gas.

AVOID USING AMMONIA-BASED GLASS CLEANERS: Many people use the wrong chemicals to clean their windshields. Ammonia-based glass cleaners are meant for the glass inside your home, not your car window. They destroy the tint. The windows inside your home are not tinted but the windows in your car are and ammonia to tint is like Kryptonite to Superman. Instead use vinegar, alcohol or special car window cleaners that can be found in the automotive section of any store. Additionally, use cotton or microfiber towels. They are absorbent, don’t leave streaks and won’t scratch your windshield.

And there you have it. Your 5 basic tips for keeping your car windows in tip-top-shape. Follow these easy suggestions and you will avoid costly repairs in the future. You can invest in maintenance now, which is relatively cheap, or more expensive replacements in the future. As always, don’t hesitate to call us with any problems.

Zimbabwe's #1 Auto Glass Experts ... signing off.

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